We perform projects of 3D volumetric, objects of expanded and extruded polystyrene, regardless of size or proportion (from simple to complex volume, interior decorations or outdoor decorations, film settings).

    Scene painting is made with washable paint of different colors, giving an artistic effect to the objects, we can imitate different textures such as marble, brick, old wood or metal.

    We also perform settings for movie and television production, spots, videos, shows, events and exhibitions.

    The material used (polystyrene) is accessible, has a reduced weight, is easy to be mounted on the structure and processing. It is finished with special paint to resist weathering. We have several methods, such as treating the surface with resin epoxilica, resulting in a very smooth and resistant surface.

    To multiply we make molds of plaster, rubber, silicone or resin.

    We also make fiberglass work. Fiberglass can be molded on positive(less copies) and on negative (more copies). On negative the weight will be considerably lower. Fiberglass can have different thicknesses, depending on the resistance of the work

* Work at first hand without intermediaries. The price provided is determined based on the complexity of the order.